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Web.com was founded in 1997 as Interland.com and then changed its name to Web.com in 2004 and created an entirely new theme for the company that is oriented around simplicity. Web.com's focus is to keep their products simple to understand, simple to buy, and even simpler to use. Web.com is also a publicly traded company on NASDAQ.


Web.com provides hosting plans for both Windows and Linux operating systems. Each hosting plan comes with unlimited disk space and unlimited bandwidth. You will also receive a free domain name and a ton of cool features that can be used to help establish and grow your business. This includes complete website building tools and traffic statistics for your site. A cool bonus is they provide you ad credits for Google, Yahoo, and Facebook.


Web.com is best-known for providing secure and reliable hosting services. One of the most beneficial aspects of Web.com is that they offer a rich array of development, research, and marketing products and services that are designed to help your small business succeed. If you are looking for quality hosting and additional tools for your business, Web.com is an obvious choice.

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